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How to use

Remove the O-PUR seal from the top of the inhaler cup.
Detach the green inhaler cup from the canister body.

Invert the inhaler cup and replace onto the canister.

Holding the canister with one hand, press the inhaler cup over the mouth ensuring that the recess sits over the nose. Breath in and out at a steady, even pace. Whilst inhaling, gently press the inhaler cup ring against the canister with the other hand. This ensures maximum efficiency from the canister.

Using O-PUR
When you are feeling physically weak, mentally fatigued or lethargic, it is recommended to inhale O-PUR 8 to 10 times for a period of 1 to 2 seconds each time. This may be repeated after a pause of 10 minutes.

There are no repellents, additives, preserving agents or aromas.

Please note: For your safety, each oxygen canister is sealed with plastic wrapping. Please check that this seal is unbroken when you receive your canister.